Nye Nyogel 760G (100g tube)

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Synthetic Hydrocarbon Grease



Nyogel 760G is a silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease for lubrication and protection of electrical contacts.

Features of 760G:

  • Prevents fretting corrosion
  • Resists water (inc salt water) ingress
  • Prevents oxidation and corrosion of contact surfaces
  • Extends the life of contacts/connectors
  • Compatible with all metals, including noble metals


Nyogel 760G is a poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) base oil, silica thickened, medium viscosity, synthetic hydrocarbon grease that has the appearance of a clear gel. This product is technically classed as a grease but is designed for the lubrication and protection of electrical, electronic and data contacts. 760G does not degrade current/voltage levels across terminations and connectors and also does not cause signal impedance; works with both analogue and digital medial. 760G includes a UV dye/tracer additive to aid visibility of the product when applied in thin layers and also a ‘copper deactivator’ to combat verdigris.

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