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When fully cured, QuikSteel can only be removed by grinding or filing it off, or by directly heating the product above the 260ºC maximum temperature threshold.

Anaerobic adhesives do not contain solvents. For an anaerobic adhesive to cure, it must be in contact with active metal ions and absence of air / oxygen. Outside of a bonded joint, anaerobic materials will not completely cure. Inside the joint, cure rates can be controlled by changing product and primer. Heat can be used to accelerate cure rate.

Caulk Ratio or Trigger Ratio or Thrust Ratio is a ratio of the force you generate on the trigger versus the force that is generated to push the material. This term is only applicable to manual guns / applicators.

For example, an 8:1 caulk ratio means that for every 1 kg of force the user generates on the trigger, 8 times that force pushes the material. A higher caulk ratio means the user exerts less force to get more work done. This helps reduce fatigue, especially when working with high viscosity sealants / adhesives. Dual component epoxies, polyurethanes, construction adhesives all require high caulk ratio guns.

Fluid, Plastic or Solid material, capable of forming a superior friction-reducing film between two surfaces compared to conventional lubricants. They have applications beyond the scope of conventional lubes and supplement conventional lubes in critical applications.

Fasteners are called anchor fasteners in the building trade. This is because in most cases, they connect something to a base material such as concrete or brick, like the anchor of a ship embeds itself in the sea bed and does not allow the ship to move.

Chemical Anchor is a special adhesive used to stick the anchor fastener into the hole. This chemical is filled into a drilled hole; the bolt is then inserted. Once the chemical cures, it grips the bolt strong enough for high loads. The chemical (technically called an epoxy resin) is sold as a two-component pack.

NLGI Grade is a widely used classification for lubricating greases. It was established by the National Lubricating Grease Institute. Greases are classified in one of nine grades based on their consistency. NLGI Grades 000 to 1 are used in application requiring low viscous friction. Grades 0, 1 and 2 are used in highly loaded gearing. Grades 1 through 4 are often used in rolling contact bearings where grade 2 is the most common. Grease Consistency — Lower numbers are softer and flow better, while higher numbers are firmer, tend to stay in place, and are a good choice when leakage is a concern.

NSF International is an American non-profit, product testing, inspection and certification organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers and regulators that certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements.

WD-40 should continue to perform as expected for an almost indefinite period of time. However, actual performance is affected by the longevity of mechanical items such as the valve assembly on aerosol cans. As such, the shelf life is considered to be 5 years from the date of production; however, product will often dispense and perform as expected for considerably longer. WD-40 should be stored between 4 degrees centigrade and 54 degrees centigrade, and always shaken before use.

Turcite® is an internally lubricated, acetal-based material  designed for applications demanding wear and friction requirements. Turcite® creates little friction, is heat and chemical resistant, and exhibits excellent wear characteristics. With its low water absorption, parts made from Turcite® retain their integrity throughout their life span.

Key Properties:
– Self-lubricating
– No stick-slip
– Heat, wear and chemical resistant
– Long service life

If you are searching for an adhesive to bond “Turcite®”, contact us.

There is no such thing as “Free Shipping”. Sites offering free shipping include “shipping cost” in the cost of goods. Since we calculate shipping cost on the basis of shipment weight, we suggest clubbing multiple items to save on shipping.

As for COD, we have observed customers reject the order at the time of delivery. This causes a huge loss to us.

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The goal of anti-seize is to prevent the threads from seizing and preventing normal disassembly of the mechanical joint. Anti-seize compounds are also used to improve gasket performance & removal, preventing thread galling, thermal cycling, dissimilar metal corrosion and protect the joint from highly corrosive environment. There are various types of anti-seize products available and the selection of correct type is application dependent.

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Because, economics being what they are, you will get half the quality – or less. All guns sold on Techsolute are imported from manufacturers of global repute. The products are designed and manufactured to a very high standard to ensure long productive life.

All applicators/dispensers offered by Techsolute are built to withstand rugged use but parts do wear or get damaged. The simpler applicators are cheaper and easier to replace completely. For many of the more powerful / complex / expensive / sophisticated applicators spares can be obtained through us. If you register on this website you will have access to all our technical drawings showing part names and numbers.

WD-40 actually stands for “Water Displacement formula 40,” and while it can help loosen rusty bolts, the film of oil left behind isn’t nearly enough for good, long-lasting lubrication. You might find that the troublesome squeak subsides for a little while, but soon enough you’ll have to go spray it away again. Using the right lubricant the first time will ensure that the problem is solved long enough for you to forget all about it. Save the WD-40 for what it does best: light lubrication, cleaning, and freeing stuck-together Lego bricks.