MOLYGRAPH SGH 100S (1 kg.)


High Temperature Bearing Grease




MOLYGRAPH SGH 100 S is a special organic complex high temperature water resistant grease.


  • High load carrying capacity and good shear stability.
  • Good thermal stability due to high dropping point in excess of 250°C.
  • Excellent water washout property with no significant change in consistency with addition of high amounts of water.
  • Wide range operating temperature band of (-) 20 to (+) 225° C.
  • Guards against rust & corrosion.
  • No premature hardening.
  • Specially designed for thermal shocks & high temperatures.
  • Good mechanical & chemical stability.


  • For use in ball & roller bearings, antifriction bearings in high temperature & humid areas.
  • Application areas include furnace bearings, rollers in foundry, pumps, motors, agitators, ID & FD fans, furnace door hinges & other hot areas around 225°C.
  • For use in bearings & other areas in small assemblies like starters and wipers.
  • Industries include steel, construction, civil engineering, agriculture, automobiles, cement, paper, marine, chemical plants and auto ancillaries etc.

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Weight1.2 kg


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