MOLYGRAPH AS 80 (1kg pack)

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Moly Antiseize Paste

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  • High content of MoS2 provides excellent antiseize and load carrying capacity.
  • Avoids seizures, stick-slips.
  • Provides emergency lubrication.
  • Good resistance to most chemicals, water, grease & oil.
  • High load carrying capacity because of high percentage of MoS2.
  • Does not get easily washed off by water.

Applications :

  • As an anti-seize for threaded assemblies like valves, spindles, bolts, studs, nuts, lead screws and others.
  • For priming of guideways, machine slideways, high load slow moving plain bearings.
  • For press fit components.
  • As a dry lubricant in slow moving heavily load sliding surfaces including furnace trolleys.
  • For assemblies tightened with extremely high torque.

Operating Temperature Range:

  • Normal Atmosphere: -30 up to +450 °C
  • Reducing Atmosphere: -30 up to +650 °C

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Weight1.2 kg


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