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Suitable for Sizes M6~M12

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Studsaver is a remarkable new tool that puts the thread back onto damaged bolts. It’s easy to use, fits many different bolt sizes, and won’t make a hole in your pocket.

Typical applications include drive shafts, ball joints, CV joints, engine studs, etc.

Double Blade Action

Attach the Studsaver above the damaged portion of the thread, close the jaws fingertight with the adjuster, and then turn the bolt. The Studsaver has two specially hardened steel blades, which, guided by the good thread path, re-groove the damaged thread in minutes. It doesn’t matter if the metal is flattened, stripped or covered with paint, concrete, rust etc. The re-threading tool is also ideal for aluminum and plastic threads.


  • No need to use force to re cut the thread
  • No need to replace a hard to move bolt
  • No need to keep an expensive set of thread-cutting tools
  • Supplied with leverage handle for larger diameter threads

Universal Use

  • Suits virtually any thread forms both right and left hand.
  • Comes with 60° cutting blades to suit metric, UNC and UNF thread types.
  • 55° blade set can be ordered separately.

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