Kukko Universal Puller (K-20-1+S-T)


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For pulling off transmission gears, bearings, pinions and synchronizer bodies

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KUKKO K-20-1+S-T set can combine various pulling hooks and extensions to create 4 different puller models from just one set.

  • This set allows for the assembly of four different puller models by combining standard and S/T hooks and extensions as required.
  • Optimized quick-adjustment design for high clamping force and excellent ease of use.
  • Two-arm design for space-saving operation.
  • Optimal adjustment of the spindle to the shaft with 2-sided spindle tip (ball and tip).
  • Milled thread treated with special coating.
  • Jaw extensions.
  • Parallel pulling hooks in every position, even with full load.
  • Pulling hooks with infinitely variable adjustment on the cross-beam.
  • Instructions on the cover.
  • Secure storage in special foam.


  • The narrow, trapezoidal pulling jaws are suitable for extremely narrow, difficult to access places.
  • A manual adjustment knurl allows rapid loosening and adjusting of the extractor jaws on the cross-beam without using a wrench.
  • By turning the pulling hooks, the pullers can be used both externally and internally.
  • Suitable for pulling asymmetric work pieces.
  • 2-arm cross bar with hexagonal profile for good grip.
  • Spindle head band prevents the wrench from slipping off.
  • Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.
  • Complete easy-to-manage package.

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