Rust-Oleum Dry PTFE Lubricant (312gm)


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High Performance PTFE Lubricant

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Reduce friction and wear on industrial equipment with Rust-Oleum Dry PTFE Lubricant. This high-performance formula dries in seconds, providing powerful, non-oily lubrication that will not pick up dirt or dust.


  • Non-staining, odorless, silicone-free; can be used on metal, wood, vinyl or rubber
  • Resists heat up to 260 °C (500 °F) – will not become gummy or melt
  • Will not interfere with paint adhesion
  • Perfect for bearings, tracks, pulleys, etc.
  • Convenient, extra-large can; sprays from any angle, even upside down

For Best Results – Apply a light, even coat

Pack Size: 11 Oz. (312g)

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