ISC 202 (Dry PTFE Lube) 400ml Spray


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PTFE Dry Lubricant Spray

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ISC 202 is a PTFE coating for dry lubrication of various materials at low pressure, low speed and in dusty environment. It is ideal for long lasting lubrication, reducing friction and corrosion protection. It dries quickly and resists dirt and dust.


  • Resists dirt and dust
  • Prevents frictional corrosion
  • Good adhesion on substrates
  • Good penetrating properties
  • Helps cure squeaking noise
  • Reduces friction and loss of power
  • Temperature Resistance ( -180° C to +250° C)


  • Suitable for dry lubrication for sliding on top of or rubbing against each other mechanisms
  • Can be used on various substrates such as metals, wood, ceramic, most plastics and many more
  • It is also used as a mold release for epoxy and polyurethane products and several synthetic rubbers
  • Shipbuilding and marine structures
  • Excellent for FEP sheet lubrication in 3D printers

ISC 202 keeps your equipment running smoothly with long-lasting corrosion protection that does not attract dirt, dust, or oil. It provides superior lubrication and long-lasting corrosion protection with no oily residue.

Note: Compatibility with plastic and rubber substrates should be tested prior to application.

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