Afra 888 Heavy Duty Silicone Spray (250g)

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Food Grade Silicone Spray

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Afra Heavy Duty Silicone Spray Grade 888 is a Silicone based aerosol preparation for Mold Release applications specifically for Injection Molding and Thermoplastic Industry. It is designed to improve release efficiency in many processes including compression, transfer, vacuum forming, pour casting, die casting and extrusion molding. It is compatible with ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, PPO, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, ABS, Acetyl, Polyester, Poly sulfone, Polyethylene and several Rubbers, Waxes, Resins &  Metals.


  • Free from chlorinated solvents, Class I & Class II Ozone Depleting
  • Special propellant gas with optimized propane-butane ratio and free from un-saturates
  • Often used as a clean, non-staining, non-oxidizing, water-repellant, weather resistant, plastic and rubber compatible lubricant for various applications
  • Unique combination of ingredients and valve design enables a fine mist spray for optimized application
  • Wide serviceable temperature of sprayed film, from -40 to 200°C, enables use on hot and cold surfaces.

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