Rust-Oleum Food Grade White Grease (312gm)

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NSF Certified, Food Grade Lubricant

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Get powerful, food-safe lubrication and protection with Rust-Oleum Food Grade White Grease. This 100% pure white grease meets the needs of heavy-duty equipment and machine parts; and is safe to use around edible products.

  • NSF-approved (category H1 compliant); safe for settings that include incidental food contact
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications—protects equipment from rust and wear
  • Effective as a lubricant, release agent, protective coating or anti-rust film
  • Ideal for gears, rollers, cables, gaskets/seals, etc. in food-processing facilities
  • Convenient, extra-large can

Pack Size: 11 Oz. (312g)

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