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Moly Disulphide Based Dry Bonded Lubricant

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  • Reduces friction and wear in high pressure sliding surfaces
  • Prevents seizures at high temperatures
  • Dry long term lubrication
  • Moly Disulphide provides high load carrying capacity
  • Superfine MoS2 used for fine and uniform dispersion from aerosol can
  • Eases dismantling and assembling during installation
  • Dry bonded coating ensures no inclusion of dust & dirt after application
  • Saves threads from galling
  • Resists fresh and salt water corrosion. Guards against rust & corrosion
  • Wide range operating temperature band (-) 185°C to (+) 450°C


  • Used as a dry bonded lubricant on sliding surfaces
  • For high load applications
  • Where environments are dusty / dirty a dry non-oily and non-greasy films are preferred
  • As a lubricant in slow oscillating movements
  • For turbine blade assembly lubrication
  • Can be applied to gears, racks and pinions, spline shafts, pivots, joints and threaded parts
  • On lug parts / leg support base plates of vertical equipment / horizontal equipment for easy movements under loads and thermal expansion at elevated temperatures

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