MAGNAFLUX DPT Crack Detection Kit 330ml

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Solvent Based Dye Penetrant Crack Detection Kit

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Magnaflux provides NDT-pros, engineers, and technician inspectors with chemical consumable products developed and tested to maximize process reliability in detection of surface flaws. This crack detection kit consists of 1 can each of the following components:

  1. SKC-1 Cleaner/Remover used as a pre-cleaner & post cleaner and penetrant remover.
  2. SKL-SP1 Penetrant is a solvent removable color contrast penetrant, vivid, high-contrast deep red in color. It is usable over the entire range of industrial applications where a color contrast penetrant system meets the requirements. It offers superior flaw resolution & excellent reliability.
  3. SKD-S2 Developer is a ready to use suspension of white developing particles in a fast-drying solvent. SKD-S2 produces a dense white coating that provides an excellent background for SPOTCHECK or ZYGLO penetrant indications. Very low toxicity & easy to clean. Suitable to use at low temperatures.

Typical applications are on welds, castings, general metalwork, leak testing, and forgings; in power plants and marine construction; pressure vessels, petroleum, and chemical industry maintenance inspection.

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