Threadlockers Vs. Mechanical Fasteners

The Number One cause of catastrophic equipment failure is “Vibration“. Mechanical fasteners tend to loosen with vibration. This causes reliability issues & unscheduled downtime.

Anaerobic Threadlocking Adhesives fill gaps between the threads and cure to create a shock-proof, vibration proof assembly. Another issue is “Corrosion“. Because of this, it becomes difficult to disassemble the fasteners causing extra downtime & risk of injury to workers.

Threadlockers also seal the gaps between the threads, preventing ingress of moisture and protecting against corrosion and galling.

TECHSOLUTE offers threadlockers in different strengths to facilitate easy disassembly.

Using check-nuts / Nyloc nuts / spring washers / split pins, etc. add to unnecessary inventory expense. Threadlockers not only eliminate these inventory costs – they also offer lower cost-per-application than conventional hardware.

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