Verylube Turbo (125ml)

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Engine Oil Additive, Metal Conditioner

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A completely synthetic concentrated multi-component product, composed on the basis of the latest discoveries in tribology and chemistry.

It is formulated specially for internal combustion engines. It is used for complex protection of friction parts of gasoline and diesel engines, including turbo-charged.


  • Increases engine power
  • Increases compression
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Improves dynamic characteristics of a vehicle
  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Improves motor oil properties
  • Protects engine parts from wear
  • Makes cold start easy
  • Reduces harmful exhausts


Pour the conditioner into warmed up engine through the oil filler neck
Let the engine idle for 3 minutes
The conditioner works during the whole service life of the oil


Optimal concentration: 3% of the oil volume. Overdose up to 50% is allowed, i.e. up to 4.5% of the oil volume. The conditioner has gentle detergent properties that remove carbon from piston rings. To achieve the maximum effect — use regularly with every oil change.

Dosage: 125 ml (1 can) for 4 liters of oil.

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