Pillmeister – Smart Medicine Pill Box

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Your Personal Health Assistant

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The Smart Pill Box is an innovative and indispensable device that is set to transform the way you manage your medications. Say goodbye to medication management challenges and embrace a smarter and more organized approach to your health.

Get Timely Reminders

User Friendly

With advanced technology and user-friendly features, this cutting-edge pill box ensures timely reminders, and comprehensive tracking of your medication routine.

Intelligent & Smart

Equipped with intelligent sensors & connectivity options, the Smart Pill Box acts as your personal health assistant, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine

Hassle-free Medication Management

From timely reminders to notifications to warnings when the medicines have not been administered, this pill-box is here to support both: the patient as well as the care-giver. In simple words, PillMeister is here to change people’s lives: one pill at a time; consistently on time.

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