Norland 61 (1 oz.bottle)

Strong, Heat Resistant Optical Adhesive, Refractive Index 1.56



Norland Optical Adhesive 61 (NOA 61) is a clear, colorless, liquid photopolymer that will cure when exposed to ultraviolet light. Since it is a one part system and 100% solids, it offers many advantages in bonding where the adhesive can be exposed to UV light. The use of NOA 61 eliminates premixing, drying or heat curing operations common to other adhesive systems. Curing time is remarkably fast, and is dependent upon the thickness applied and the amount of ultraviolet light energy available.

NOA 61 meets Federal Specification MIL-A-3920 for optical adhesives and is approved for use on all government contracts specifying such adhesives. The adhesive is designed to give the best possible optical bond to glass surfaces, metals, fiberglass and glass filled plastics. NOA61 is recommended for bonding lenses, prisms and mirrors for military, aerospace and commercial optics as well as for terminating and splicing optical fibers.

NOA 61 also has excellent clarity, low shrinkage and as light flexibility that make it superior to other materials for optical bonding. These characteristics are important in order for the user to produce high quality optics and achieve long term performance under changing environments.

NOA 61 is cured by ultraviolet light with maximum absorption within the range of 320-380 nm with peak sensitivity around 365nm.  The recommended energy required for full cure is 3 Joules/sq. cm in these wavelengths. The cure is not inhibited by oxygen, hence any areas in contact with air will cure to a non-tacky state when exposed to ultraviolet light.

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