Nickel-Graf Anti-seize Compound 8oz.


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Nickel & Graphite Anti-Seize Paste (-184 °C to +1426 °C)

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Nickel-Graf is a premium anti-seize lubricant designed to perform in extreme service conditions including extreme temperature and corrosion environments. It withstands temperatures upto 2600°F (1426°C). Nickel-Graf is composed of pure colloidal nickel and graphite flakes dispensed in a superior petroleum carrier. Nickel-Graf does not contain aluminum, copper, lead, or molybdenum disulfide, and will not poison catalyst beds, reaction chambers, or special alloy fittings. Can be used with anhydrous ammonia, acetylene, and other vinyl monomers. Meets the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-907F specifications.

Features and Benefits :

  • Delivers maximum protection from acids, caustics, chemicals, and extreme heat
  • Eliminates galling and cold welding
  • Reduces friction, lowers torque
  • Provides nickel plating as a barrier between metal surfaces
  • Protects against corrosion and oxidation
  • Speeds assembly and disassembly


All nuts and bolts, bushings, centers, cam rollers, conveyors, couplings, dies, drills, fittings, flanges, gears, keyways, motors, press fits, pumps, shafts, sleeves, slides, spark plugs, taps, valves, wristpins, and more. They are used in steel mills, foundries, oil refineries, chemical plants, construction and farm equipment, autos, trucks (fleet maintenance), electric power and other utilities, oil drilling, mining, diesel and gasoline engines, marine motors, shipyards, paper mills, and machine shops.

Nickel-Graf does all this and is formulated to perform in extreme service conditions.


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