CAS-1100 (Copper Anti Seize) 1kg.

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CAS-1100 is a Copper based anti-seize paste/lubricant that prevents threaded fittings and fasteners from seizure, freezing, and heat at temperatures upto 1100 °C.

It is safe for use on all metals, including steel, magnesium, aluminum, and titanium. Copper anti-seize contains copper flakes, graphite, and other extreme pressure additives, and offers electrical conductivity. It can be used on sparkplug threads, ground screws, bolts, valves, oil drain valve, nuts, pumps, pipes, exhaust bolts, and brake caliper bolts.

CAS-1100 anti-seize compound is ideal as an assembly and anti-seize lubricant in extreme adverse conditions where pick up and seizure issues may be experienced. It is particularly suited to extreme wet conditions even when submerged in sea water environments. It also has a high resistance to galling, corrosion, and seizure.

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