Neutra-Safe Rust Remover (1 ltr pack)

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Safe Corrosion Remover, Liquid

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Rust-X Neutra-Safe Rust Remover is a potent corrosion eliminator tailored for a wide array of metals, including steel, iron, cast iron, copper, and aluminum.

This concentrated aqueous solution boasts a neutral pH, purposefully crafted for the secure and cost-effective eradication of rust and oxidation. Neutra-Safe Rust Remover employs a selective approach to target and extract surface rust from metals, seamlessly integrating it into the remover’s solution.

This versatile product is effective in crevices and intricate details, swiftly removing corrosion within mere seconds. Notably, the Neutra-Safe formula does not trigger any adverse chemical reactions with the metals, ensuring that it preserves their natural appearance, preventing tarnishing or alterations in color or dimensions.

Generic rust removers are formulated with very strong acids having pH of 1.0 to 2.0 whereas Neutra-Safe has a pH of 5.5 which is the same pH as of human skin. It is safe to work with limited personal protection equipment. Neutra-safe has also got the advantage that the re-rusting is minimized due to the absence of strong acids.


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