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All Purpose Lubricant, Penetrant & Corrosion Protector

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Ecolube is a multi-use oil that passes 100hrs of salt spray test. It can protect from corrosion for upto 12 months, depending upon ambient environmental conditions.

Benefits :

  • Penetrates and lubricates squeaky accessories and online lubrication of intricate components.
  • Replaces moisture and shields metals
  • Removes moisture from metal surfaces. Cleans metal by providing micron thin protective film to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Long term protection against salt water corrosion.
  • Complete penetration loosens corroded, rusted and seized metal parts.
  • Cleans away light soils, grease and adhesives.
  • Spray on area and avoid wiping. Protective film remains as solvents evaporates.

Applications :

  • Protective coating for assemblies in shipment, particularly effective on precision machined surfaces.
  • Protective coating for stored machinery, cutting tools, engine blocks, pistons, guides, chairs, bearings, wire ropes etc.
  • Final protective film for completed assemblies.

Method of Application :

  • Brushing, spraying and dipping.


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