MOLYGRAPH Crack Detection Kit 500ml


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Non-destructive Dye Penetrant Crack detection kit




  • Helps detection of microscopic cracks on metals that cannot be visibly located by naked eyes.
  • Equally effective on parent and weld metal both.
  • Excellent source of non-destructive examination for surface flaws.
  • Extremely low Chlorine and Sulphur content.
  • Handy aerosol packs help consume entire product contents in the can.
  • Due to extremely low chlorine and sulphur contents products can be safely used on stainless steel, nickel, monel and other exotic materials.
  • Detects cracks as low as 30 microns and passes 2 x 50 microns Japanese Ni-Cr Test Panel.
  • Ozone friendly propellant promotes healthy environment.

Products conform to requirement of ASTM E-165, ASME Sec. V, IS 1365-1981 & IS 12889-1989 & RDSO Specs. M&C/NDT/4/91.
Products Approved by BHEL.


  • For detection of surface flaws on dies, moulds, tools, jigs and welds on pressure vessels subjected to pressures and thermal cycles.
  • For forgings, castings, high and low temperature equipment.
  • As a pre-test during welding layers to prevent ultimate failures in radiography.
  • Non-destructive examination of finished components after welding, forging, upsetting, swaging, extruding cold and hot forming and after final heat treatment.
  • Industries include Forging, Fabrication, Defence, Railways, Steel and many others.

Method of Application

  1. Spray Cleaner CDK 10 and clean the surface thoroughly with good quality cotton waste or soft cloth.
  2. Spray Dye Penetrant CDK 20 on the surface and allow the penetrant to remain on the surface for a minimum of 10 mins. This dwell time will allow the CDK 20 to penetrate deep inside the discontinuities.
  3. Remove excess penetrant from the surface with cotton waste. Spray minimum quantity of Cleaner CDK-10 and repeat cleaning with cotton waste/cloth.
  4. Spray a thin uniform layer of Developer CDK-30. Allow the penetrant to bleed for 10 minutes. Surface defects like pinholes, cracks, porosities etc. will be visible as pink indication against white background after about 10 minutes.

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