Magnaflow Air 310C Pneumatic Caulk Gun

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Pneumatic Sealant Gun for Cartridges

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MAGNAFLOW AIR 310C by TECHSOLUTE is a pneumatic caulk gun for 310ml cartridges.

This pneumatic sealant applicator gun streamlines the application process, providing consistent and controlled dispensing for a variety of sealing projects. Enhance efficiency and reduce hand fatigue with this reliable, light weight and easy-to-use tool. Upgrade your sealing experience with our pneumatic sealant applicator gun, perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Product Features:

  • For low to medium viscosity materials
  • Light weight engineered plastic handle with sturdy construction
  • Air pressure applied directly to the plunger
  • Aluminum tubular sealant holder
  • Comes with air regulator & air hose connector

Note: By default, this model is suitable for plastic cartridges. Please contact support before ordering incase required for metal cartridges.

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