Fillezy Rapid Industrial Packaging Machine


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Air Cushion / Air Bubble / Air Quilts Inflatable Pillow Wrap Machine

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The Fillezy Rapid inflates all films from 200mm x 120mm cushions up to 700mm wide quilt and bubble films. The rapid is capable of running cushions at speeds of up to 37 meters per minute and still weighs less than 10KG. It is portable, practical and programmable with up to 10 different film type settings available to suit the customers requirements. The Rapid has few wear parts and is extremely easy to maintain.


  • COST EFFICIENT – 1 roll of Fillezy cushions is equivalent to about 15 bags of loose fill chips or 10 rolls of large bubble wrap*
  • SPACE SAVER – As they are inflated on demand, air bags take up much less storage space than loose fill chips or bubble wrap
  • PRESENTABLE – Air bags are less messy than loose fill and are a more presentable way to protect your product
  • VERSATILE – One machine can be used to produce 10 different types of cushions for void fill, corner protection, wrapping and more.
  • EASY TO USE – Compact Design for table top placement | Simple push button operation

Fillezy Rapid is a very compact, durable, fast and quiet Air Cushion Machine. It also has a patented temperature control system and is extremely easy to use.

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