Durox LR-3 Surface Sanitizer Concentrate (30 kg)

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Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP)

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DUROX LR-3 is a FDA (Thai) approved surface sanitizer that disinfects a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, including gram-negative & gram positive bacteria, viruses and fungi in a short span of contact time (1-10 min) period, providing total confidence on surface sanitation.


  • Durox LR-3 is a food grade & environment friendly product, alcohol free with nice fragrance.
  • Kills micro organisms that cause odors and eliminates odors.
  • Can be used in healthcare, hotels, offices, commercial establishments where cleaning and prevention of cross- contamination are critical.
  • Solution is neutral to all surfaces.


  • For surface disinfection: 1:5
  • For human sanitation tunnel / fogging: 1:100

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