Araldite GY-257 (30 Kg.)

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Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin



Araldite GY-257 is a solvent free low viscosity, bisphenol-A based epoxy resin that can take high filler loadings. Usually used with Aradur HY-140 (hardener) in the ratio of 100:50, the cured mass and films show outstanding properties and good chemical resistance.


Due to the low viscosity and the full crystallization resistance Araldite® GY257 is a most suitable epoxy resin in formulating solvent free systems yielding,

  • Very good processing properties
  • Good mechanical performances
  • Good surface penetration
  • Medium chemical resistance / good acid and solvent resistance

Applications of Araldite GY-257:

  • Protective Coatings (epoxy coating)
  • Sealing of cracks
  • Bonding of old to new concrete
  • Foundation Grouting
  • Industrial heavy duty floor toppings (epoxy flooring & floor coating)

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Weight 30 kg


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