What is Epoxy Putty Stick?

What is Epoxy Putty Stick?

Epoxy putty refers to a group of room-temperature-hardening substances used as space-filling adhesives. They are usually cylindrical tubes that combine two parts – a cylindrical tube of hardener surrounded by another larger cylindrical tube of epoxy resin.

Why design it like that?
So that the hardener, which when exposed to air goes bad, is protected by the outer layer of epoxy resin. This design increases the product’s shelf life.

What is Steel Epoxy Putty?
Usually dark grey in color, this metal epoxy putty repairs metal components, can patch steel as well as being able to repair or rebuild anything made of metal. This stuff when molded into any shape creates a steel reinforced non rusting putty that when applied, will repair and rebuild just about anything.

Uses of Metal Putty

  • Automotive & Machine Parts
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Leaking Transformers
  • Plumbing
  • Stripped Threads
  • Rust Damage
  • Household Repairs

In some applications where the applicable force is compressive, it can also be used as a cold weld bonding compound.

Now that we have understood so much about steel epoxy putty and what to use it for, which Steel epoxy putty works best?


If you want the best when it comes to epoxy putty repair sticks, look no further than this steel reinforced non-rusting epoxy putty. QuikSteel Epoxy Putty Stick by Bluemagic, USA is a permanent solution to any fix you may need.