VitaFlush Engine Treatment (250ml)


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Engine Flush / Cleaner




VitaFlush is an engine flush / cleaner designed to clean engines of all types (including the turbocharged engines) and transmission units. Completely cleans all deteriorations, resinous sediments and removes it with used oil. Added nano-technology Revitalizant restores up to 70% of lost metal.

Used during oil change as a prophylactic for cleaning and protection from wear and tear.  Also it can be used as adaptive cleaner after changing the oil of a different type or viscosity (i.e. from mineral to synthetic) or manufacturer.


  • Restores mobility scraper and compression rings
  • Eliminates the effect of sticking hydraulic lifters
  • Cleans the system of crankcase ventilation
  • Restores and protects moving parts from wear-out
  • Increases engine power
  • Maintains oil pump parameters

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