IS8008 280ml Cartridge – Clear

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High Performance RTV Silicone Sealant



IS 8000 series adhesive sealants are one component, ready to use, silicone adhesive sealants that cure to silicone rubber when exposed to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. They have sufficient uncured body to adhere small objects while cure is taking place. IS 8000 series sealants utilize a moisture vapour cure system and release acetic acid vapours from the sealant surface as a by-product of cure. IS 8000 series sealants find application in general purpose bonding, sealing, electrical insulation and formed-in-place gaskets.

Being of thixotrophic paste consistency, they can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces.

Typical Properties of Cured material:

Hardness, Shore A: 22
Tensile Strength, kg/cm2: 17
Elongation, %: 450

Dielectric Strength, kV/mm: 20
Dielectric Constant, @ 50Hz: 2.9
Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm: 1×1015

Operating Temperature, °C: -60 to +204
Intermittent Operating Temperature, °C:  +260

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